Dimitry Kochenov (ed.)
D. Kochenov and J. Lindeboom (eds.)

Henley and Partners – Kochenov Quality of Nationality Index (QNI)

Zürich: Ideos, 2016, 200pp.
Zürich: Ideos, 2017, 300pp.
Zürich: Ideos, 2018, ix + 68 pages.
The Henley & Partners – Kochenov Quality of Nationality Index (QNI) which I created together with Dr. Christian Kälin of Henley & Partners provides a comprehensive ranking of the quality of nationalities worldwide. To gauge the opportunities and limitations that our nationalities impose on us, the QNI measures both the internal value of nationality, which refers to the quality of life within a nationality's country of origin, and the external value of nationality, which identifies the diversity and quality of opportunities that nationalities allow us to pursue outside our countries of origin.

The reality that the QNI describes is in many respects regrettable: in the absolute majority of circumstances our nationality plays an important role in establishing a highly irrational ceiling for our opportunities and aspirations, reflecting the core aspect of being a national of some place, which is a random act of birth boasting no correlation with any person's achievements, ideas, feelings and desires – "a birthright lottery" in the memorable phrase of Aylet Shachar. This is something that the designers of the index do not endorse, but observe as part of the day-to-day reality, which the index aims to document. The QNI, updated annually, is the source of a dynamic understanding of the quality of world nationalities measured based on a set of clear and transparent criteria.
'A new ranking of every country's citizenship'
The Economist
The new ranking acknowledges that, today, holding any given nationality need not mean residing in, or even identifying with, the corresponding nation.
The New Yorker
The soundest methodology, the most extensive sources and documentation, and the most carefully considered weighting system
Investment Migration Insider
'Public presentation of the second edition of the QNI at Tate Modern London in 2017'.
'Public presentation of the first edition of the QNI at Hyatt Imperial in Zürich in 2016: Prof. Dimitry Kochenov and Dr. Chris Kälin'.