My teaching focuses on different aspects of citizenship law and EU constitutional law, broadly following the key lines of my research. University of Groningen Faculty of Law is the key site of my teaching activities, where I have been teaching, inter alia, an advanced graduate seminar on EU Constitutionalism for more than 10 years now. Since 2015 I also teach 'Citizenship and Nationalities in EU Federalism' at the College of Europe (Department of General European Studies). I recently taught 'Citizenship' focusing on the intellectual history of the idea at Princeton University as a Visiting Professor at the University Center for Human Values (UCHV); 'EU Constitutionalism' at the School of Law, Università degli Studi di Torino, where I held a Visiting Chair in Private Law and numerous other institutions worldwide, including UNAM Mexico, Osaka Graduate School of Law and Politics; ESSCA Business School. Finding teaching non-lawyers appealing, besides focusing on non-legal courses at Princeton and Turin, I held a visiting teaching appointment at the Eurasmus Mundus Euroculture programme for many years, scaring with the basics of legal reasoning the brilliant students of all backgrounds from all around the globe.
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Besides teaching full courses around the world, I regularly give public lectures and staff seminars as a guest, discussing my research in countless schools worldwide, including Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Princeton, Pennsylvania and numerous others. I also taught courses at numerous summer schools from VU Amsterdam to Palais Toggenburg in Bolzano and Central and Eastern European institutions.