Where is Dimitry?
Academics are always on the road, either virtually, or for real – and I am not an exception. Here I present a brief academic chronology from January 2021 on:

March: Visiting Professorship at LUISS Guido Carli Faculty of Law in Rome, teaching EU Citizenship and Free Movement of Persons law, drawing on EU Citizenship and Federalism: The Role of Rigths

January–March (Hilary term): Co-hosting a public seminar on 'Citizenship by Investment' with Madeleine Sumption at the Centre for Migration, Policy, and Society, University of Oxford.

January–March (Hilary term): visiting academic position at the Centre for Migration, Policy, and Society, University of Oxford. I used the time at Oxford to finalize a co-edited work on Citizenship and Residence Sales soon to be published by Cambridge University Press.

- A book review symposium dedicated to my Citizenship (MIT 2019) published in the International Journal of Constitutional Law

- Dutch television attacks Quality of Nationality Index (Hart Publishing, Oxford 2020) without mentioning the book a single time

- A new article published in The Hague Journal on the Rule of Law

March 25: Public lecture on 'Ctizenship' at the Urals State University of Jurisprudence (УрГЮУ) in Yekaterinburg. The lecture was based on the Russian edition of Citizenship published by Eksmo in Moscow

- A new note published in the International Legal Materials

March 17: Participation in the University of Vienna Ars Boni podcast on the 'Legal Perspective on Vaccine Passports' together with Luiza Bialasewicz (Amsterdam) Joelle Grogan (Middlesex) and Oskar Gstrein (Groningen-Fryslân). My contribution was based on a recent Oxford COMPAS Working Paper on this subject co-authored with Oskar Gstrein and Andrej Zwitter (Groningen-Fryslân)

- A new note published in the International Journal of Constitutional Law

March 9: Public lecture at CEU Democracy Institute in 'Rule of Law as a Tool to Claim Supremacy'. The lecture was developing the points made in a recent RECONNECT Working Paper (Leuven), an NYU Jean Monnet Paper co-authored with Graham Buter and an International Legal Materials note co-authored with Paul Kalinichenko (Kutafin University)

- A new working paper published (Oxford)

March 3: Interview on the Quality of Nationality and Brexit with Prof Elaine Fahey of City Law School, University of London. The interview was based on the work on the Hart Publishing Quality of Nationality Index work co-written with Justin Lindeboom (Groningen) and JCMS Brexit and EU citizenship research co-authored with Martijn van den Brink (Oxford)

March 1: Moderation of CEU Democracy Institute event on 'Grasping Russian Democracy with Mind' with Elizaveta Fokht, Michael Ignatieff Ivan Krastev, Sergey Lagodinsky MEP. My questions drew on the recent work on Russian constitutional amendments published in International Legal Materials and co-authored with Paul Kalinichenko (Kutafin University)

February 24: Participation in the CEU Democracy Institute event on 'The Future of Democracy in EU Member States' with Minister Beaune, Vice-President Jourová, Prof. Kelemen and Michal Šimečka MEP. My engagement drew on a recent NYU Jean Monnet Working Paper co-authored with Graham Butler (Aarhus)

February 12: Recording of a Review of Democracy podcast 'Adding Bite to the Member States' "Rule of Law Bark"', drawing on my work on Biting Intergovernmentalism and the structural deficiencies of Article 7 TEU

February 11: Participation in the RECONNECT / CEU Democracy Institute webinar 'EU Values Are Law, after All: A New Look at Systemic Infringement Actions' together with Dr. Alex Andrione-Moylan (Leuven), Dr. Barbara Grabowska-Moroz (Groningen), Prof. John Morijn (Dutch Human Rights Commission), Prof. Kim Scheppele (Princeton), Judge Kees Sterk (Maastricht) Prof. Jan Wouters (Leuven). The webinar was dedicated to the discussion of a recent article I co-published with Kim Scheppele and Barbara Grabowska-Moroz in the Yearbook of European Law

- A new article in Yearbook of European Law is published.

- A new translation of Citizenship (MIT 2019) published: Grazhdanstvo (Eksmo, 2021)

- A new book chapter published (Springer)

January: I work with Albeto Alemanno (Haute Ecole Commerciale, Paris) to explain to the public in several EU states that bilateral free movement of persons agreements with the UK are crucial to safeguard EU citizens' rights. See out letter in The Financial Times, our tribune in Le Monde and an op-ed in Rzeczpospolita